Our Making

Cardenas Insurance is a creation that simmered and prepared over the years while Luis Cardenas soaked in all the experience he could get from the insurance providing world. Starting from 2008 as an independent agent, Luis worked for reputable companies with high standing in the market. These years gave him immense knowledge and experience of the functioning of the insurance industry. With all the knowledge he had amassed in these 12 years, it was in 2019 that Luis decided to become an independent insurance agent, and Cardenas Insurance emerged.

What We Envision

Cardenas Insurance came into being on the premise of making it easy for all to acquire insurance. The tedious and complicated task of purchasing insurance is why people hesitate from such an important future securing measure.

With 12 years of experience in the industry, Luis has worked with different people and lived the different stories of the people he has worked with. It gave him all the more reason to take a step further and make things easy and accessible for all so that no one has to live through the horrors of losing everything in one single blow in a single second.

We offer you commercial, health, life, and property insurance that covers all aspect of your life, from professional to personal so that you are safe from all the sides in times of distress and uncertainty. As the world becomes more and more precarious, you can ensure the security of your people, your life, and your livelihood through Cardenas Insurance.

Why Choose Us

As an insurance provider, we have seen people in situations they have rarely dreamed of. Losing someone you had hoped to grow old with, see your house burn down in flames, an unexpected diagnosis of a disease or your dream car damaged in an accident are some of the unforeseen and suddenly happening occurrences that catch you off guard. Added to the situation’s pain are the financial issues that make things more unbearable draining your energy and thinking ability.

In such instances, having insurance makes sure you have a roof on your head, a viable health plan that covers all your medical bills with the best treatment, and ensures those left behind don’t have to burden the baggage left behind by a deceased.

There are uncountable benefits to having an insurance plan to back you up. Cardenas Insurance Agency makes sure you get the best plan that forms a safety net around you and your loved ones!